Pierce Multi-Flat Action

Design From Ground Up Just for Benchrest Shooters

Ever Since John Pierce entered Benchrest shooting in the 90s. He always want to have a custom action designed specific for Benchrest shooting competitions.
Pierce Multi-Flat Action was designed by John from his Benchrest shooting competition experience. It was designed from ground up with a strong and robust body and all the features a competitive Benchrest shooters could dreamed of.


  • 9.000 Long X 1.450 diameter and a bottom keyed recoil lug
  • 1.062 x 18TPI Tenon
  • 1″ Thread length
  • 2-Lug Bolt construction
  • 30 Degree-Cone bolt nose
  • Available with PPC, 308 and Magnum bolt face
  • Standard build in 416 Stainless steel
  • Optional 4130 Chrome-moly steel (chromium-molybdenum steel) 



  • Start at $1295.00 with stainless rail
  • Optional dual port +$75.00
  • Additional rail $150.00
  • Optional right-bolt-left-port +$50.00
  • DLC coating +$100.00
  • Black Nitride Coating +$75.00
  • Add another bolt start at +$400.00

We offer both right- and left-handed competition actions.


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