Pierce F-TR Action

The perfect action for your next clear and Xs

Pierce F-TR Actions

Being an active and competitive F-TR shooter. John Pierce have an in-depth understanding in what it takes to make a great action for F-TR competitions.
In 2014, John developed our first prototype of the F-TR action. It achieved a great success ever since. At Pierce Engineering, we manufacture these actions with great care and always pursuing the absolute highest precision. 
Designed for use in FTR Competition but works great in any application were the need of a smooth and precise action to handle short action and short magnum calibers. 


The design of this action gives it you a advantage right from the start.  It features a dual intengral recoil lug , first being the heavy square tang and then the main lug is a XP style slab cut in the bottom of the action. Once bedded Its wide footprint and 45 degree beveled corners  prevent twisting and it will  dissapate the recoil better than traditional style recoil lug. It also helps to remove excess weight.

It also has a longer tennon  with 1″ of thread length and a 18 TPI thread .    The Loading Port is  .300 longer than a standard short action port.

It can be made in a RBLP ,  LBRP , or Dual Port configuration.

All the FTR actions come standard with a 30 Cone Bolt face , Mini M-16 style Extractor , Plunger Style Ejector ( optional ) and any typical Bolt face.


Our FTR Actions are available in multiple materials and Finishes – Prices Start at 1195.00  

  • 4150 Chrome-moly steel ( Standard)
  • 416  Stainless steel
  • High Polish Stainless + 150.00
  • Titanium 6AL4V ( reduces  8-10oz) +300.00
  • RBLP or Dual Port  Add 75.00
  • DLC or Nitride Finish Add 75.00

If its time to up your game we also build complete Record Setting  FTR Rifles ,   contact us for more info 

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