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Will my Pierce Action fit in Remington Stock?
Yes. The Pierce actions use a Remington 700 footprint so most any Remington 700 stock or chassis should work fine.
Does my Pierce Action accept Remington 700 Scope Rail?
No. The top of the Action is a little different than a Remington 700. We use the same hole spacing in the front and the rear of the action, which differs from a Remington. We offer the Scope Rail in a aluminum only version. For titanium or steel rails we suggest contacting Murphy Precision.
What is the scope mount screw size?
We use 8-40 screws along with 125 dowel (shear) pins for a strong hold.
What is the Action Tennon Thread?
Most Pierce actions are a 18 TPI. We do make 16 TPI thread action per special request only .

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Will Pierce Actions work with Prefit or Remage barrels?
Yes. Per special order only. The action has to be made specific for that application. The standard Pierce Actions with 18 TPI thread will not.
Does Pierce Engineering offer gunsmithing services?

We offer mainly riflesmith services including  , pillar bedding , precision chamber and muzzle threading ,  and pretty much all the rem 700 services.  We also do cera-kote finishes .  We have a full machine shop so  whatever your project is give us a shout we may be able to help. 

How to order?
Please email or call for questions, but we still feel it’s best to place the final order via phone calls. That way we can go over your project and make sure you’re getting the perfect fit part.
Does my Pierce Action/Rifle have a warranty?
Pierce Engineering is a small company that stands behind its products. Built in the USA with quality components by craftsmen that want to keep the customers happy for years to come. If it breaks we fix it.


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