About Pierce Engineering


What We Do

At Pierce Engineering, we build precision actions and rifles to precise standards providing uncompromising accuracy. We’ve been building race engines for over 35 years. This passion evolved into building guns and rifles. We have now been manufacturing bolt action receivers and complete rifles for over 15 years. We haven’t looked back! At Pierce Engineering, we love what we do and we’re committed to building your dream rifle!


With all of our work done in-house, whether you want a precision rifle built using one of our handcrafted actions, or your current rifle accurized, we can build a rifle to your specifications that is both accurate and respects your budget.


We make special hunting rifles, competition rifles, PRS rifles, and ELR rifles. We strive to provide you with your choice of top shelf rifles and shooting components. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


Pierce Engineering is also a full-service machining center. Our capabilities included general machining, CNC machining, CNC turning and deep hole drilling, and Electrical Discharge Machining services.


We don’t stock rifles – we make them! There are so many combinations of parts, which makes each rifle unique to its owner.

Our History

John Pierce, the man behind Pierce Engineering, is a serious shooter himself (competitive benchrest and FTR). He knows what produces and detracts from top-performing rifles. Pierce’s pursuit of the best equipment has immersed him in the creation of everything from class-winning wooden stocks to precision actions to a precision firing pin that increases accuracy.

Pierce set up shop in 1980, originally working with competition racing engines. He worked on race engines the better part of his life, building engines for Oldsmobile, Chevy, and NASCAR, among others. A hands-on process demanding precision, something Pierce enjoys, he tested and improved car engines performance and vehicle aerodynamics.

Pierce loved his work, but he was also getting more and more involved with his hobby of competitive shooting. Through competition shooting, Pierce began working on customers’ guns. This inspired him to start manufacturing actions. He found areas where he could make improvements on rifles to prevent repeated issues that were brought to his attention. Why not a design an action with all the issues solved and built-in ahead of time?

By 2000, Pierce was working exclusively on guns. His passions for engineering, working with his hands, and competitive shooting had merged and he continues to love what he does today. Over the decades, Pierce has continued to hone his skillset. The actions and rifles Pierce makes have proven themselves in all climate conditions. Pierce Engineering custom rifles have been used anywhere between 40 below (or less!) to hot tropical temperatures.

John Pierce now serves customers in the United States and worldwide, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, England, Italy, Pakistan, Baffin Island, and more. In addition to rifles, Pierce has manufactured harpoons for Inuit indigenous people on Baffin Island.


  • Custom-made to your specifications
  • Work performed in house
  • Precise craftsmanship
  • Friendly customer service
  • Honest advice
  • We have a drive to improve on our products and services
  • Locally Veteran-owned


  • Hunters
  • Competitive shooters
  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Citizens responsibly exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights

Pierce Engineering custom rifles have been used at benchrest, shortrange, and longrange world competitions – and won!

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