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Pierce One Piece Scope Rings(Back to products)

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Pierce Scope Rings

  • Pierce Scope Rings, Polished $150.00
  • Pierce Scope Rings, coated with Cerokote $150.00
  • Pierce Scope Rings, uncoated in white $125.00
  • Talley One Piece 1" Rings (any height) $55.00

Made with aircraft quality aluminum, and are light and strong.

Made with 7075 aircraft quality aluminum, Pierce scope rings are light and strong. Made to eliminate the use of a scope rail, these rings are made with exacting tolerances and can be used for hunting, benchrest competition or on your tactical rifle. We currently only produce the 30mm rings in house and can cut just about any MOA in our rings.  We can provide Talley 1" rings if needed. Talley rings available Low, Med , High . We cannot cut MOA in Talley rings.

Product Data

Material 7075 Aluminum
Uses Hunting, Benchrest Competition, or Tactical
Sizes 30 mm, 0 moa, 10 moa, and 20 moa

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  • Pierce Scope Rings
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